If anybody wants to know that how to increase ranking of our site so there is the Basic step to do it:

1-Classified Ads
2-Social Book Marking
3-Blogs comments
4-Directory submission
5-forums posting
6-Article submission
7-press release
8-Social profile

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And all of these methods are free, too, so there's no reason not to do any of them. Thanks for the tips!

There are many techniques to increase ranking of a website in SE

1. Forum Posting
2. Social Profile
3. Social marketing
4. Blog Promotion

I agree with SEO tip, which gives your site more visibility and enhances your reputation

i think SMO will also helps alot in increasing rankings

SEO is important... Also you have to make sure you get alot of incoming links. This will get you traffic and ranking

This is a good method of optimizing, but still without high PR and high-authority pages it will not be useful

Thanks for good recommendation for us but i m always prefer,Forum Posting.Social Book marking,Blog Commenting ,Article Posting,Classified Ads because its a good way for getting back links its help us for increase you page ranking....

I suggest for you Social media marketing is really one of the best marketing strategy and as the times goes on and it will be more effective because of the popularity they get.It will be a big help..

definis you are correct i also said the same point

Good tips. CL used to be great for getting some internet props but they switched from using do-follow to no-follow links. Before they were so big that with some good anchor text, links and relevant ad text you could get some nice PR from them.

I'm having good luck with directories lately, a few guys in my town run some of them and can usually hook me up with the good listings without the associated price if I ask.

A lot of them will list your website for free but will give you no-follow links unless you pay, but some of them give do-follow links for free or in exchange for a link back. Another good trick is to find small, new directories hungry for links. For instance, http://www.thesitedirectory.info is giving out do-follows to all submissions until they get more links, then they're only going to give do-follow to paid and linkback sites.

I think article submission and press releases are probably the toughest to pull off for most website owners.

The Best way to Get Traffic with out paying for is,Socila Networks,Blog Comments,Free Submitions,Good Content, And what I found Most Important as well for Google Is (The Key Words For Your Header). It doesnt Neccessarly Have to Make Sense But it has to Match with whatever Content you have on your Website.

Example http://www.networksolutions.com/ Header Tab "Domain Names,Web Hosting and Online Etc" Google Really Picks That Up.

I also Have CPA/CPL/CPI and CPS available.

It is really comprehensive and helpful.Do you think how lond to get a good ranking if we do these things step by step?

It Varies On The Domain If it is Google Friendly Etc. But If you Promote Really Hard you can See Results in as little as 2 Weeks.

can anyone suggest me good classified sites............

You need to bookmark your website pages on high ranking sites like Stumbleupon and Facebook, but not all on one site. Also network in forums and contribute replies on relevant blogs that will help increase traffic and ranking.

but it still need a lot of work...thank you anyway

Well said, These methods will help us to get good traffic as well as good ranking.

Thanks for good recommendation for us but iam asking about example for
1-Blogs comments
2-Directory submission
3-forums posting
4-Article submission
5-press release

Besides all these activities make sure that the content of your website is unique and good.

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What about twitter & facebook?

Social Book Marking, Blogs comments, Directory submission ,Forums posting ,Article submission are good ways to increase ranking of your site.

Thanks for good tips howe to gaing high pr.Nice methods and they will work becouze they involved hard work writing and posting..

To increase ranking in search engines, your priority should be providing relevant content to your page viewers. If you do nothing else, this act alone should increase ranking on search engines. Remember, your viewers are looking for answers to their queries. If they are brought to your site and your content doesn't answer their questions, they'll be out of there fast! Why is this important? The search engines are often monitoring how long visitors remain on you site. If people come and go quickly, it will affect ranking in search engines. Concentrate of providing good content first.

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Use less competitive Keywords and first do ON page seo.

All these are good ways for building the rank of your website.

well i think sequnce should look like this .
Directory submissions
Blog submissions
article submissions
social bookmarking
forums postings
blog commenting
and more things ...

There are some best ways to increase the ranking like

Submit to search engine directories
Links from related websites
Use of page content
Use Targeted Key Words or Phrases
Increase Ranking in Search Engines with External Links

commented: in recent algorythim updates from google, no such importance are given to directory submission process. dmoz listing becomes very difficult nowadays. +0
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