u have to need more visit website to get point

if anybody want to incrise his website rank, he have to need more and more develop his site with more informatin

If you want to rise in Google ranking, for example, post things that will be readily indexed by Google (and which, at the same time, will be interesting to your audience.) I find interesting the fact that any photos that are posted on Facebook or Pinterest are immediately indexed by Google. I read about it, and found it to be true on my own experience. I made an infographic, posted it on Flickr, overnight 313 views and traffic to my blog. Be clever! Wish you well.

To increase ranking you can do like:
-social media marketing
-article submission
-blog commenting

Hey riderwear000, I think you missed the most important technique for getting relevant link i.e Link Exchange

Trust me, It really helps to boost your rankings on search engine.

Thre are many ways to increase the traffic on website. Here are many ethnicity by you can use increase the traffic e on your website. I am going to give some tips which are really supportive to you increase the traffic on the website. Social Media Marketing is one of best approach to promotion of website. By creating the pages of different social media sites you can increase the traffic on your website. in the short-term Serach Engine Optimization, link building and post adds also really helpful to increase the trafic of web site.

blogs and forum postin are best amongs all.

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Google owns YouTube, if your goal is ranking on Google, make nice videos that can be indexed! Post on Google+ stuff that is worthwhile, stuff that will be loved by little spiders and you will get there. I have a couple of videos, but I'm not happy with them. I wish I could use Blender or Pencil (I'm an artist and can do that) but every time I download them they come with an error in their latest version for Vista. I have ideas but have not been able to put them to practice because of that. Make a tutorial, make something interesting that people will like and post the video around and you will get indexed!

I am steeve and forum posting to best way to your business grow up to your field but you creat first your websites and then you appoint to seo ....

i want to inform you that, GOogle changed its algorithm, Now avoid to make a lot backlinks from free resource like free directory, article and blog comments, your website will be spammed. DO only quality work and improve quality of your website.

Even commenting on blogs is out-dated now. Most blogs are no-follow, so if you're basing your strategy on commenting on blogs and getting backlinks from ANY site at all, you're liable to be taken down. I know someone who lost a blog, she wasn't doing anyting wrong, but had affiliate links on her blog, Google did no like that and punished her by taking it down. She appealed and they restored only 1 page, which is hanging in limbo.
She started all over again and has kept away from affiliate marketing and her blog is thriving. They are frowning on affiliates because so many are doing bad things and the rest pay for it. Stay safe! Don't let your hard work be lost!

You can googling for the purpose of improving the ranking of your site, so many articles that discuss the issue.

Directory submission not help more i think.

Web 2.0 provide us a strong backlink and good amount of traffic for a website.

Social media is mostly what is doing it for me.

One of the keys is going to be keywords. If you can find a keyword that is relevant to your subject matter but not used by many others then you can maximize the potential of that keyword by content creation and web page creation. It isn't an easy task to find that keyword but when you can it an be a golden opportunity to increase your page rank.

get natural and qwuality links for your site

Most people want to have high ranking so that they can get loads of traffic because they want to sell something. You do not need 10,000 visitors a day to sell soemthing, you only need people who are interested in what you have for them. Target your demographic. Don't kill yourself trying to reach ALL of the internet, reach out to the people you need to reach out to, then, if they support you, you will have all the rest.

A strong social media presence is key. An intelligent social media precense, which speaks volumes about your abilities in your niche without cramming a hard sell down the throat of your audience, is even better.

For increase the ranking of the website. You have to work on content part more.

To increase your ranking in Google, use Google + correctly. Google indexes you almost immediately when you do it right.

If you want to be beloved by Google, become a darling of Google+! Why do you think that all the hot shots are there? I follow Kim Garst and I have watched videos and listened to potcasts, Google takes a LOT into consideration your activity at Google+, if it is positive, and you contribute great content, you're set!

I think white hat SEO can increase your website rank. Thanks your recommendation.

and link building

directory submissions
social bookmarking
forum posting
blog comenting

Also, pay per click(google adward and facebook)

if you want to get the hig ranking then select the high pr websites

social bookmarking, directory submission and blog commenting and social media marketing is the best way to promote the site

article writing is the best way in which you can get the traffic

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