Why are so many young people getting divorced these days?

I think some of the main reasons are as follows:

1.They get married for the wrong reasons
2.They are not totally ready for committment
3.They are not fully matured or independent and rely on too many wrong advices outside marriage.
4.They are not fully educated on the important things of marriage.
5.God is not involved in the marriages.
Among some of the reasons above, young couples seems to believe that marriages are free of argument and problems, and when problems arise, they do not know how to deal with them. As a result of that, the problems are left unsolved and grows into bigger problems.


- If there is a disagreement or problem, either party should never go to sleep upset with each other. You should endeavour to reconcile before going to sleep, even if someone has to take wrong for right.

- If the problems are out of control within the both of you, seek counselling in an effort to keep the marriage alive.


1.Don't leave all the House Chores to one person, share them up;
2.Go out for dinner occasionally
3.Take Romantic Strolls on the beach from time to time
4.Compliment each other as much as possible, make each other know how special they are
5.If there is a disagreement, work it out among yourselves, dont let in unnecessary outside parties
6.Support each other in all beneficial areas
7.Live Holy Lives

Once these tips are followed, i am sure that they will be less divorces. The aim is to be together until death separates you all

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Umm ... what does this have to do with Internet marketing?

I guess its his/her first post...Just eager to share his knowledge he posted it here


> 5.God is not involved in the marriages.
> 7. Live Holy Lives
Are you implying that atheists cannot sustain a healthy marriage? What kind of ignorant drivel is that?


> 5.God is not involved in the marriages.
> 7. Live Holy Lives
Are you implying that atheists cannot sustain a healthy marriage? What kind of ignorant drivel is that?

Ignorant Drivel C'mon amn, the guy just posted his opinion. Why do u have to be offensive!!!

Don't go below the belt...


I consider promotion of the idea that marriages may fail because God is not involved absolutely ignorant. Up until those particular points, much of it could be considered reasonable; not necessarily factually accurate, but reasonable. He then throws in the notion that a lack of deity involvement may be a cause. That seems about as related as planetary alignment on their marriage day and whether or not a groundhog sees his shadow. It has absolutely no innate bearing upon the relationship between two human beings unless they subscribe to such an assertion themselves. I suppose you could say that a lack of blue cars in the home is a factor, and you would be correct if the individuals involved considered blue cars a necessity of a successful marriage. It won't have much bearing on the family that likes red cars though.

Never the less, Dani is completely right. This has nothing to do with internet marketing.

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Well I guess yu perfectly made your point clear...

Its upon the belief of the people involved.
Dani is right, this has nothing to do with Internet Marketing, lets move on to more related topics.

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