Does anyone know where I can start?

I want to read more into this and hopefully start up my own eCommerce website. Let me know if anyone can help!


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Maybe you should explain what exactly it is you are going to sell?

First step will be to build a website which will provide more information about your business and products. Additional things you will need include a privacy policy, a return policy (if applicable) and if you are allowing transactions directly through your site, security and related information. You can plan your site to have special offers, categories depending on what your are selling.

You can use a third party store for selling e.g. yahoo store as then you don't have to worry about the hassles of setting up actual transactions. The other option is to have a development company help you out and set up a full ecommerce transaction system for you.

I think you should consult some web developer who can tell more about this and also tell you how to earn money from this.

The following things that can be considered before starting ecommerce store,
- Find out Ecommerce solutions providers to design and develop a website
- SEO Services providers to promote your store
- Store Space to handle all products
- Online Payment Solutions

All above are main task to plan before starting ecommerce store.

There are definitely two open source ecommerce platforms I will recommend:

If you visit both sites you will find enough information on eCommerce in general.
Don't forget you will also need a payment solution to collect your payments for you.

For more information I will recommend two sources:

If you wanted to save yourself some hassle and get an ecommerce solution out of the box,
go with with Yahoo's solution (Google "yahoo ecommerce solutions")

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