As FaceBook is the social network of choice and so many people are using it, how could Google possibly convince people to move away as start again with Google +? It's not going to happen.

Facebook is community portal, not search engine, so I dont think that Facebook can kill google :D It's impossible.

There has been plenty of talk about Facebook moving into the search space, and if there were a decent Internet search function integrated (with additional functionality for social media users) into the Facebook UI then it stands to reason that Google might get hit by whatever percentage of the billion FB'ers decided just to use that rather than jump out of their FB session.

Lots of ifs and buts and maybes, I admit. However, to state that it would be impossible for Facebook to kill Google is just as much of a stretch. Who thought that AltaVista would get killed, or Netscape for that matter. The felling of Internet giants is not without precedent.

These are just roumers and who anyone can perdict about future happening , do not worry about , what is not yet happened .

I haven't heared a this story any where don't know who told you. But if it is true nothing will happen to Google it is safe ( out of coverage area in war or competition)

You can't kill Google that easily, the worst you do is wreck their Androids... besides its nearly impossible to overrun something with such powerful foundations plus their quick advancement in tech...

No dear i don't think so....

google No.1 search engine
facebook No.1 social media

I am sure after a few years pople will start to be bored using facebook and by then there will be more platforms born to be available to choose from.

I think google is like a banyan tree. No other search engine or social network can defeat google in near future.

Google always come up with some back up strategy and i am quite sure they will succeed in beating facebook.

No way, they work together. ;)

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