Hi guys,
please give your views and ideas on "where can i find the best email marketing solution?"

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I have been using Aweber SNIP for many years now. Have looked at other services as well but think they are the best!

Choose wisely. When you decide to move to another solution you often cannot move your list to your new service....

It all depends on what is your email marketing goals. Do you just want to send emails or do you want to conduct more advanced behavioral targeting emails? For simple emails, check out: Constant Contact, Survey Monkey (yes they do emails), Emma
For advanced: Bronto, Gold Lasso

Email marketing is one of the best way send your product or business infomation to your targeted audience

For sure, Email marketing is one of the best way to increase your traffic. But it should be mentioned that Emarketing doesnt suite everyone. I mean that not every website needs in such service. For example if you have a blog it is not really necessary to do Emarketing. But if you sell some goods and you have new arrivals all the time, so obviously it would be much better to start such campaign.

Yes Email marketing is the best way to spread your message locally and globally. if your question is that how we can take advantages then it depends on your goal of email marketing... if you are selling online products or services then E-mail marketing can help you to generate leads for your business!

If you are on a tight budget, you might want to check out GoToCampaign.com

They offer a free account with 5000 credits on sign up and some pretty good pay as you go deals as well without any contracts/commitments.

I want to Market My website by email, I think it can be very useful, please give some better idea.

Also, if you will be doing behavioral targeting, you may look into email solutions that provide that.

Hi friends, I am a Professor, work part-time in a college in Florida. I have some extra time in a day. Do you have any suggestion to utilize this time for some extra money?

I have been using www.Simplycast.com for over 4 years now. They provide a wonderful service.

Hopes this helps.

Bandorah Mandy

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