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Okay, so after you get some good back links from social sites, your website should be indexed shortly after. Usually within anywhere from a few days to a week, up to two weeks tops. An easy way to tell if your site has been indexed is to go to Google and type in “site: your domain” into the search bar, without quotes. Just replace “your domain” with your full website URL. If no results come up, that means your site has not been indexed yet. Just hang tight if it isn’t. Once your site has been indexed (and even if it isn’t yet), start building more quality back links to it.
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You can always check via the site http://ismysiteindexed.com if your pages are indexed and after that start social networking, article writing and submitting, blog commenting, forum commenting, and lot of off-site seo work to gain link popularity from authority sites to refer to your own. Update your blog regularly with fresh unique content and allow visitors to syndicate it with a wide option of social networking buttons.


Sometimes only indexing is not enough. You have to bring your website on the first page by doing SEO hence getting a lot of traffic on your website...


"What is the strategy?" There is only one strategy: keep constantly changing up your strategy. Have a regular blog, generate meaningful, high-quality content, be a knowledgeable, respected member of your respective community. If you do good work and let people know about it in effective ways, then you will reap the continued rewards of good SEO.


Agreed Zippy Cart. There are various strategies one can follow for getting backlinks. You cannot depend on only one strategy each time. You can do article submissions, social bookmarking with good and relevant content. You can also participate in forums, do blogging and many more.


Thanks, qlipboard. Good point about using social bookmarking if you're going to put out "good and relevant content." It's important that link-builders integrate their message organically into the bookmarking network. These groups hate being sold to and can tell immediately when someone is just looking for links and doesn't really care about the community. Being well-known in the community as a good resource and a solid community contributor will pay off in the long run.


So what is the real meaning of Backlink? and what is the quality Backlinks?
My web is also done with backlinks but not so clear to see the effective of the work. Or another way I can say that the backlink does not appear on Google when I check. Although I put it in many websites in the internet.
I just need to make clear the quality backlink to make the web found most.

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