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If you are on Facebook or Twitter, you can share your links daily with interesting quotes or questions relating to the contents in your links. That works for me. I guess it'll do fine for you too. Thank you.

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You can also promote your each post by social media promotion or social bookmarking because there are not any limitation like only home page allow or other condition so if you are posting any new contents then promote your url by social bookmarking. I will not say to bookmark in lots of bookmarking sites but if you will submit your each post url in top 30-40 social bookmarking sites with very suitable tags regular then you can get good amount of traffics.


I don't know if I posted in the right room..........

anybody give a tips for to increase blog traffic with social media links.


bookmark your post on bookmarking sites like stumble, digg, redit and delicious. share the link on twitter and facebook if your posts are interesting people will start to follow u


Use your connections on social media sites (such as Facebook and Twitter) to promote your content and website. Build your followers, tweet your updates (for twitter) or publish blog post with the use of "notes" features in facebook (don't forget to put a link going to your website) and join groups within your niche.


Social media sites are helpful in increasing blog site traffic but then of course proper managing and maintenance as well as frequent updates are very important as owner of social media accounts. Remember that there many people specifically marketers who are using social media in their marketing for their brands or sites. Also, try other social media like LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, and Tumblr, They also have great members and visitors daily. Facebook and Twitter are both also in the right track.


On many of the social media sites people like to share information and want to see some attractive and interesting. So we can use images and small videos in our blogs on social media , and can get reviews from the people , and do conversation with them. And this way we can get traffic to our blog and keep the visitor engage to our blog for sharing reviews.

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