So of course, some people at work showed off their new toy - the Ipad. The Ipad seems like a big toy but the way it helps with banner advertising and reading was good. So saying that, there was some conversation that the iPad will affect, not the creation, but the execution of marketing programs. So what do you think?

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It is really hard to tell. Sure, now it is popular because it is a new toy, and people go crazy for new tech toys. They did for the Wii, the PS 3, the IPhone, etc. Surprisingly enough I read somewhere that for the iPad, the lines weren't nearly as long as they were for the iPhone. So, this fact compared to the fact that a lot of people hate Macs, I guess only time will tell.


Yeah alot of people hate Macs but Apple related products have gained market share and just like the iPod, the iPad may be the next thing.

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