I just made a forum that is about Gaming, Computer Tech, PC Customization, Anime, and Funny Stuff. But i don't know how to advertise to make people join my forum.

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go for social book marking sites to say the world about your forum. Now a days everybody is looking to share their knowledge and link to the world. You can add your site to various sites which displays available forum lists.

Like write an article - Top forum sites of 2011 June or like so. Your site will get notice this way.

Good luck


Hi, here are some suggestions advertise your forum -
1) You can try submitting your site in all the directories
2) Do submit in bookmarking sites which are effective such as StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter
3) You can also tell your friends to join the discussions and contribute to your forums so that others may find it useful.


In addition, you may do blog comments and back links too. And of course do not forget to market it using social media marketing.

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