"Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology."
Do you agree with this phrase or not? Give the reason of your choice ThankYou

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Hello mate i agree with you. Nowadays social media marketing is very nice way to get traffic to the website. It is ethical way to get targeted traffic.

Social media helps establishing connection between people across the globe. Marketing in this site is ethical and effective as the reach is high.

don't you think the idea behind developing SM was not only marketing?

don't you think the idea behind developing SM was not only marketing?

I think the idea behind developing SM is not primarily about marketing. It's more on social interaction just like Facebook. But since users discovered many ways to make the most of these social media sites, they've learned that these can be also used in Marketing as well as promoting their brand or small business.

According to me, Social Media is a perfect platform to distribute your point of views among a large sets of people who directly or indirectly effect with it and ultimately it will increase traffic for your page.

For me, social media was developed to provide greater communication features for people. Instead of using traditional chat and email tools, social media provides all types of communication. Sending messages, instant messages, sharing files including videos and images, and managing groups.

It is one of the best way to generate organic traffic and connect to social groups in London. It has helped me in many ways.

I think social media is a good way to be in touch with your best friends

Its about getting socializing with people like we do in our real life.

Social media is the place where people sharing some new ideas and thoughts with each other and discuss about social issues. But now a days social media is also use for marketing purpose where business organisation contact to common people and to other business organisation and know their reviews and get advice.

That is an interesting concept you suggest. I certainly think that social media is a construct of sociological development. The way individuals communicate has created the demand for these networks. The technology is merely the framework. Thank you for the intellectual point of view.

Social Media is the new term for socialising online.It is the best way to generate traffic and our business or product on internet.It allows people to freely interact with each other online.

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