I am quite irritated with Yahoo's new policy of requiring new users of their Delicious service to sign up with a Yahoo! ID. I do not want more email addresses to worry about, etc. I just want to bookmark.

So now I am wondering, among all of Google's offerings, do they offer a bookmarking service similar to Delicious? I am not aware of anything, but perhaps I am overlooking something.


I'm pretty well acquainted with most of Google's offerings, but unfortunately I don't think they do. Google Buzz is the only thing that comes to mind, but it's not really a bookmarking service.

I think it's not really a bookmarking service....

Well what do ya know! It actually populated my bookmark list with a handful of websites I visited yesterday??? I'm not using the Google toolbar or anything, so I assume it is client-side and if I went to a different computer, they wouldn't be there?

Yeah. Google book marking services is there, but your links on book marking will not be shown by search engine. it is for personal use.

I am also looking for the same thing. But have no solution if you got any solution please tell me. I need too.

Many websites have the Google icon next to their other icons for social bookmarks like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious under their article or thread. But the Google bookmarking is not social bookmarking. It is just like the bookmarking on your internet browser. I have heard from many places that the best social bookmarking to get more traffic to an article or blog post is Digg and StumblelUpon.

I have not used it so I did not know that it is client side. That means that there are no advantages to it over the bookmarking on your computer like if your computer breaks. In fact what purpose does it serve then? One big forum has at the bottom Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Google.

Yes, google has the bookmark service but is for personal use or share with friends. Is not useful for seo purposes.

I tried out Google Bookmarks, it is integrated into the Google Toolbar.

hi everyone
I think Google provide a really bookmarking,but I have not used it so I did not know that it is client side.

Google bookmarks is not as we do on other social bookmarking resources like Digg, Propeller etc.

It is not useful in SEO then maybe it should not be a waste of time

I don't think google will offer bookmark services

Google Buzz i think is the cloest thing to a proper bookmarking service offered by google, give it a try, but it is closed networked only for sharing with friends

I think Google doesn't offer the kind of bookmark like digg. Buzz is can be useful for traffic generation I guess.

Google just offers a google toolbar, where you can bookmark you desired pages.

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