Does a platform exist that you can use to intercept social media posts (such as Facebook and Twitter) for review/editing prior to releasing them ?

For example could I use a platform to review my employees social media posts before they are released to ensure that my business is not adversely impacted by any comments made.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Hmm ... Good question. Not that I know of offhand, although I've never run into such a situation. However, I can see it being something very common for corporate social media accounts, especially ones that are managed by more than one person. For twitter, have you checked out TweetDeck? It cross-posts to Facebook as well as far as I can remember.

Thanks yes Tweetdeck is very helpful. More looking for a platform that will allow for review of a comment before it goes public.

I'm not familiar with Tweetdeck's featureset but I was kinda hoping that it did that. Oh well.

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