Do follow link gives you backlinks. While no follow links just gives you traffic.

As per my knowledge do follow and no follow both are useful but do follow is more benifical and useful because google consider do follow link very quickly. And there is less chance for no follow to be considerd by google.

Of course, dofollow and nofollow both are helpful for building links to a website.

Dofollow is crawling by search engines and nofollow is not crawle by search engines

Probably the right answer was given all ready. What I want to add: sometimes you can place a link on site even if it is no follow as you are interested in real people to visito your site. A visitor will click a link if it likes where he will go ( not if it is do or no follow )

Do follow is index by google every time when it come to the site and no follow only gives you traffic but not index by google.

Both DoFollow Links and NoFollow Links are good for your Websites.we can say that Do-Follow Links are good for Human Traffic and SEO Traffic.And on the other side, No-Follow Links are only good for Human Traffic which is still the best traffic you can have.

If any links is followed by the search engines's crawlers is called do follow and if anay links is not followed by the crawlers is called no follow link.

If No follow links not consider as backlinks then why sometime we are consider in our website?

do follow means where pagerank flows but no follow means where page rank not flows.In do follow google spider can visit.No follow means google spider stop to follow the site.

No follow means link is not crawled by search engine. do follow means link is crawled by search engine.

Nofollow and dofollow both links are good. Dofollow links are better than nofollow links. Dofollow links are used to increase the website ranking and traffic. In the other side dofollow links are used for improving the website traffic only.

they both have value in link building, help make your efforts look more natural!

there is a lot of difference between the dofolow and no follow do follow drive traffic directly to your blog but no follow donot do this

Dofollow backlinks are useful for getting rank in Google but nofollow backlinks are not useful for getting rank in Google.

Do follow & No follow means is the site is giving you back link or not. Do follow means back lonk is provided and No follow means it will not ....

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