How to find dofollow blogs? I used all the query strings to find dofollow blogs, but nothing seems to be working for me. Can anyone tell me the new idea to find the dofollow blogs please?

well I use scrapebox software to find dofollow blog because there is no other way to detect it using some string although scrapebox detect it

Yes scrapbox is good for finding do follow blogs. Also I m using quirksearch status.Its also best tool for searching do follow blogs.

There's a good list at TrafficGenerationCafe. Search for "CommentLuv Enabled Blog List"

I am also agree that scrapbox is the best thing to find out dofollow blogs.

I think this is they best practice for searching do follow blogs till now

Yes scrapbox is good for finding do follow blogs. Also I m using quirksearch status.Its also best tool for searching do follow blogs.

You need to just use of search operator to find then or simply type in the search engine about the do-follow blogs you will be getting the list there.

Hi I there any other way to find Dofollow Blogs Which allow in Comment also dofollow links.

Scrapbox software is best for checking do follow link and i use it.

There is no such thing as a "dofollow" link. A link is either nofollowed, or it's not. IMHO, links that have nofollow are not any worse than links that don't. Google follows them either way.

Also, IMHO, the only value gained from going around commenting in various blogs just for the backlinks is that of being labeled a spammer. :-/

commented: Ya, it's really correct +0

Pass the search query in Google like: site: blog + dofollow. Surely you will have good pr blogs which includes do follow links.

To get scrapbox need i spend money or not. I mean is srapbox free of cost to get?

scrapebox software

I think yes scrapebox is a best software for search do follow blogs.

You can use NoDoFollow ad-on for firefox, which will easily show you whether the blog/website is DoFollow or NoFollow.

I'm using google chrome plug in " SEO for Chrome" where you can see instantly if links were no follow or follow.Click Here

SEO quak is such a plugin that will help you to find the do follow blog

Getting dofollow blogs list is not a big deal at all! But before posting comment in any blog it's better to ensure whether your links will be followed by search engines. Actually dofollow and nofollow make huge misconception, there are so many blogs that are nofollow but still can be useful for getting quality traffic to your website.

Yeah ! Scrapebox is one of the best software to find the dofollow blogs. and as the google penguin has released now select High PR blogs too because quality has grabbed a high importance now a day.

Do follow blog is the best option to get the links for a website, because do follow links share the authority and PR with the linking blog. USA internet marketing

Write in search engine in this way , "dofollow blog"+keyword ,try you will get bettr results

You can also search out from the dofollow blog directories ther you can find many blogs..

Just type here you will get all type of blogs.

Use Firefox nodofollow plugins, it will help you to easily find dofollow and nofollow links of any webpage without need of coding.
See the article how to use firefox nodofollow extension :SNIP

one should do follow blog using toolbar..CommentLuv.

Go to Google search and type the do folllow blog list of your niche inluding keyword on it, there is lot of lists available over the internet.

scrapebox is a good way to find do-follow blogs but can any one use it ?

If you want to find specific blogs that is related to your niche then you can add your keyword at the end and do a search like this
"notify me when new comments are added" YOUR KEYWORD HERE

Don't search for it. Just go and participate big blogs from your heart. Put your website name in the website field box. If you really participate in blog post then admin will allow your comment with your website link. Think of participating instead of finding dofollow blogs.

How To Download Free Scrapebox Links Sharing Plz

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