hello every bpody of the daniweb forum.
all are thanks. i have a site named 'The Largest Online E Learning Institute Ever in Bangladesh' any one pls help me to get 50 .edu dofolow backlinks

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I just found out a list of .edu directories here:- targetspider.blogspot.com/2013/02/top-edu-directory-submission-websites.html

Use this syntax to search .edu blogs on google and do blog commenting to get backlinks.
site:.edu inurl:blog "post a comment" -"comments closed" -"you must be logged in" "ADD YOUR KEYWORD"

Hope This will help you.
Best Regards,

that has to be the funkiest string I have ever seen

Hey Fred Joly, As the syntax I have written above clearly filter .edu blogs. This is just some syntax I normally use.
How you search google for blog related to some niche?

You just have to find list of .edu forums and blog and put your keywords and links in the comments.

Search Google for .edu blogs. Write your comment there with targeted keywords. Try to get backlinks from related .edu blogs.

Search google for related edu blogs. The syntax above woodroseint mentioned is working correctly to filter edu blogs.
I have tried.

use this syntex: "keyword" site:.edu inurl:blog "post a comment" -"you must be logged in"

outsource it, it is not hard to get Edu links, getting content with them is, lots of services on the internet are inexpensive for this...

Try to find .edu blogs and then try for place your link in comment.

You should share content on web 2.0 submission sites and can link keywords accordingly.

To get free edu banklinks, search google for the related edu blogs and write your comment there with link as an anchor text.

Guys, do you use any tools to extract .edu blog with PR?

You can search in google, many bloggers are giving list of .edu dofollow blogs.

Go to google and search for list of do follow list with the keyword of your niche.

You can directly search for Do follow edu list on any search engine. But, i would really like to know does such submission helps to get the keywords ranked in Google.

even EDU backlinks are the quality backlinks everybody need it anyhow thanks for the list guyz visit Click Here

You can easily outsource this, as Win Stanley cited, at Fiverr. There are certain tasks I have to do myself. This kind of submission work, you could definitely delegate it.

And thank you all for the list. These are always useful!

Be careful with anchor text and keyword names only in your comments at people's blogs. This kind of behavior can be construed as spammy, causing your comment to be flagged and deleted, wasting your precious time. Do you keywording in your comment at bit artfully. Plus also construct a real comment. These will increase the likelihood of your comment being approved as well as valued by Oh Mighty Google.


Junk and crap edu and gov links are easy to get, but quality edu and gov require a person from inside (admin contact). I got such backlinks and they are very good.

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