You can use these dofollow blogs to build links to your websites (without spamming)

All these blogs have pagerank higher than 4

I hope you use it :)

i have been checking them from a day but couldnt find good one, with do u use?

In my own experiences, blogging would be more useful than blog commenting in the long run view. :)


Thanks for the useful post sfifabian, I will be using this list very often indeed. Many of us will find it useful that's for sure! Having such a high PR backlink has huge benefits.

That is a really good list. Thanks for the share man. I just added those sources to my list and will use them for my site. cheers for the share man....

Thanks for the info. Very useful.

Are all you guys going to comment on those blogs in order to get "backlinks?" Isn't that considered spam??

As the owner of a few blogs, I personally dont approve any comments that is blatantly commenting just to have back links. I wonder how many other blog owners have similar policy.

If you have nothing interesting or useful to say about a blog post, one that you've just read intentionally because it intrigue your attention, then don't post a comment, and for f sakes, stop posting comments for the sake of posting comments. Hypelinks aren't your exclusive prostitutes created for you to exploit. They, unlike most of the spammers objectives, have purpose and usefulness to the web.

I will check the list.Hope it will be useful.Thanks for the list.

I already have this link and I have already done comments on this blogs....

nice list, thanks for putting it together and posting it, Is there one in particular that you would recommend?

it almost 2 years when the thread open,I doubt I have chance to get low OBL chance with low Spamming comment number

hey buddy, thanks a lot for the list of do-follow blogs. but you have done a mistake while typing the URL. you have not put the "." sign after www. i was trying to copy and pest the URL in the address bar, but it was redirected to yahoo search page.. then i found that you have not put the "." sign after www. but thanks a lot for the list buddy.. 'm really thankful to you..


Thanks! I'm planning to submit some posts for my site in this list u provide.

Are all you guys going to comment on those blogs in order to get "backlinks?" Isn't that considered spam??

i have hovered around the net for pr 2 + links , but my time went in vein ,

it was a total waste of time ,

i totally appreciate ur effort in posting cool link


great list to start. Thanks for sharing.

It's not easy to find those list of dofollow blogs with those pr sites.
The pr home page should be those rank of the pr of the blog?


Thanks for the list. Great resource.

actually in these days I rely mostly on comments on other blogs, a contest, and web directories, so this list is very useful for me

Thanks for this list dear. I need it for my sites. you have any other lists. if you have so please reply me.


dear Thanks for this list. but I need some new do-follow blog list so if oyu have so please reply me. I need some more blog list where I can post my comment.

Be sure to check out your list, Maybe I can use some of them. Thanks

its really hard to find manually, u made easy for us, Thanks!

I think this is not i have check some of them but i could not find a do follow blog. This is wrong. You should true saying and true facts.