Google Panda is a google Algorithm.. it removes low Quality sites which vopy contents fron other sites and posts them...

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Google Panda is a new technique from google,this update is very help ful to the internet.

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Panda update was bringing in to control low quality and duplicate content. And panda update stop blogs networks and content farming.

It is a new algorithm update which is work against the spammer and poor contain websites.....

Google panda remove duplicate content sites lists for their search result.

It's a new google algorithm...
Which is very bad for all spamming website...

Google Panda is the new algorithm which Google is using to find quality websites and lower the rankings of scrap content sites.

Google has constructed an anti-spamming method or algorithm to keep its searches spam free. Panda is an update by Google which attacks against low quality content & websites. To keep away from this update of google your website need to be loaded with only fresh & fruitful content, only then you can feel safe 

Well it is a new one launched by the Google to kick out the copywrite content of the websites

Google panda is a routine algorithmic update by Google to filter out websites from its results which produce low quality or copied content.

Google panda is a update of Google about content,those sites which do not have quality content were penalized by Google.So use quality and unique content..:)

Google Panda has drawn a major quantity of attention and made several to alter their SEO strategy. The update is in line with Google’s previously hinted sentiments towards improving the general quality of search results pages. Is your website} in peril of falling from its precarious rank perch? lots depends on what your site contains. If you're involved regarding the Google Panda update, then the most effective issue you'll be able to do is to be told additional regarding it. Understanding what has modified and the way can|it'll} apply to your sites will arm you with the power to create changes and hold on to your ranking or improve it.

Google Panda was built through an algorithm update that used artificial intelligence in a more sophisticated and scalable way than previously possible. Human quality testers rated thousands of websites based on measures of quality, including design, trustworthiness, speed and whether or not they would return to the website. Google's new Panda machine-learning algorithm, made possible by and named after engineer Navneet Panda, was then used to look for similarities between websites people found to be high quality and low quality.

Many new ranking factors have been introduced to the Google algorithm as a result, while older ranking factors like PageRank have been downgraded in importance. Google Panda is updated from time to time and the algorithm is run by Google on a regular basis.

The Panda update is a Google indexing change which affected many sites in a negative way. If you had alot of duplicate content in your site. It could affect your site's rank. Make sure you use fresh content on a regular basis in order to keep and even improve your rank.

If you copy other peoples content and publish it on your web site beware google panda will be a major impact to you because Google mainly deployed this new algorithm to prevent content farmers a butt kick

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Google Plus is an algo to control bad content on the web or remove duplicate content from the web.

google panda is like a tool invented by google that keeps a check on all the websites..
it crawls the sites and check if their is spamming or copy content or low traffic on any site,it bans that site or it affects the alexa ranking..
It also sometimes ban the adsense account and much more effects..
So webmasters wake up and put originalty on ur site..!!

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