i plan to create a website for user who stay in condominium. this website is speacially created to ease the residents who live condominium. Do you have any idea what are the features or facilities that i can put it the website?
for example, this website enable residents to pay their rental or maintenance fees online. or add forum to this web site.
Anyone who has idea do not hesitate to post it here. i would appreciate any advice.:eek:

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A forum might be a good idea. It could form a community among people who actually live in the same complex. Perhaps schedule get togethers such as pot luck dinners, or other activities.

yeah...that sounds cool... :cheesy:

[though remembering my experiences in an apartment...i didn't really want to 'bond' very much with those folks :eek: ]

Depending on the type of community the condominium is, you might consider putting up the meeting minutes of the management meetings (some condos have them), as you had mentioned the ability to pay dues onlnie, maps and directions to the condos, important policy changes, general news, possibly run a resident of the month article, or a welcome to the new neighbor, etc.

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