Beavering away

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Now, how many of you looked at the headline on this piece and thought anything, shall we say, biological? Yes, I know you are now, because I've suggested it - but just before you got through that sentence, did anyone think I meant anything other than 'working hard'?

Of course you didn't, assuming you're familiar with the phrase (I'm not massively well-travelled, and if it's British only then fair enough). But suppose I say 'Beaver' - then 'Canada' in the same sentence. You're now thinking of the little dam-building animals, not unnaturally. I'd suggested a double meaning in the first sentence, so OK, you're allowed a smirk.

This is because you are a human being and not a depressingly stupid Internet filter. And it's depressingly stupid Internet filters that have caused Canadian history site 'The Beaver' to change its name after 90 years - yes, 90 years - according to France 24. It kept getting blocked in case people were looking for naked women.

I've just tried looking for 'beaver' in Google (OK, you can fall about laughing at that if you like) and can assure you the results were 100 per cent decent, dam-building animals or scouting-based. But someone's spotted a bit of smut in a tiny minority of sites I couldn't find, Canada's second oldest magazine is going to be called 'Canada's History' instead. Which is kind of dull.

I can't wait to find out what the same filters will do with bird-watching and ornithology magazines when they find out there's a whole species called 'tits'.

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Thanks for the funny post - Guy - I was laughing. I actually did a search for "Beaver" on google and went through a few pages and no perverted stuff. That is sad that it had to change names.

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