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there must be some routes to do market research & get projects. I guess it can be informative to know for start up companies..one way is industrial contacts..what are other viable ways?????

Please sugggest me to follow the correct

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I'm sorry. I'm confused what you're asking for. What types of projects? You're looking for clients? Sorry, confused.

Hi hope,

In my title i clearly mentioned that am talking about webdesigning and IT software development projects.am asking for the ways to find the projects . It would be helpful to me as well for others who started the IT company.

Mostly small companies depends on cosultant. am trying to get better suggestions from you ppl about the market ......

Craigslist and do SEO for your site so people can find you.

Local Advertising

There are tons of ways!

SEO on your site helps a lot

Be one of the first to register on Want-Something.com and you will be getting notifications if any contract work suitable for you occurs.

Elance is a freelance site where you can find such projects.

Hi there,

can talk? do u have skype id? add me so that we can talk about the business, skype id worlienoquez

as the seo thing will provide u some better status

you have to try the odesk and freelancer these are the best market in whihc you can find the best projects

try the elance and odesk these are the best platforms

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