What is link anchor text in SEO?

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The anchor text links and, in fact, is super links, it is to establish a link between words and text of a bridge in the link, can is a key words, also can be a word. Its role is to guide the user the mouse to click the specific will point to where. The anchor text influence web site keywords ranking is one of the important factors.

The actual link text that is used to hyperlink to a different page. For example, for the link Best Search Engine Ever, the anchor text is "best search engine ever", and the URL points to google.com. The concept is that because I am using that anchor text to link to Google, if enough sites do it, you can do a Google search for "best search engine ever" and Google will be #1. It's called google-bombing. It used to work about a decade ago. Anchor text doesn't carry the prominence that it once did.

Anchor text is a keyword that you want for top ranking at major search engines. e.g: Google

In simple words anchor text is a clear visible ,clickable text in the hyperlink,Anchor text is way for the people and spider know why the link is made.

Link anchor text is also called hyper link in that case put the link on keyword.

its the word on which you want to target your link

It is the link that uses your keyword as anchor text. For example, you don't want to see your link like this right? - ww.sample.com. Ofcourse, you want to see it as this. "keyword". It is also best for seo.

Whenever we code a link or a web link, anchor text is the part where users click to get to where the link should go. Well-written anchor text is one more approach that users as well as spiders understand on the reason why you created the link. The importance between the post and to where you are sending or linking them.

Anchor text is mostly use for article posting

As described above, its the text that is linkable. One thing to keep in mind is that it's no always ideal to have the same anchor text for all of your backlinks. There are all kinds of SEO debates about this, so do a search and you can find different opinions, it's just something I thought I would point out.

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