I had a conversation with a colleague who insists that Google has a free social media monitoring tool. Is it Caffeine or Buzz? I think its Buzz but the person meant that this tool can be used for business use like Radian6 or BuzzLogic. If you know the answer, please post.

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I discovered they dont have one yet... but I would not be surprised they will soon.

I am not sure they have a social media monitoring tool, BUT with BUZZ they took the plunge into social media. However, it still has some initial bugs so it is a matter of time before they correct them and really start competing in that niche.

I agree with you Jenny. Google will find a way to expand Buzz for the business user. Let's give it a year or two.

As far as I know still now google has not come up with social media monitoring tool as it need some time for that but hope soon to come out because the social media monitoring market is attracting more players because there's huge demand from companies.

Yes,I agree with you Jenny. Google will find a way to expand Buzz for the business user.


I think you all are right with your views. Google buzz is a good tool for business user. You can also use google bookmarks.


I have not heard about tool so not sure for that

google will dominate the world wide web. they're expanding at great speed. hope then can make a social media monitoring tool soon.

i dont think google yet have such a tool to monitor social media progress and activity... you mean buzz? not yet!

Right on, write on about whatever you feel best.

I dont, think Google using social media monitor tool. because Google will not even consider the links posted on social media.

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