how do you think building a team to do seo?
any idea will be grateful.

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So, what are you trying to do say here for SEO factor just go with white hat SEO process and be clear with your post of information.

once i thought it will be more efficient to do seo if i build a team. but when the team is built, the result are not perfect as i expect.maybe there are some wrong with the team management.
my projects are running slowly, two month pass, but no website is completed now. though 3 website are online now(can not be searched now)

I think you mostly need content builder which you would teach how to run blogs and get data... Best idea is to take a real look at the volume of your work and unless you have to... take outside content writers,,,

If you can manage with one worker i would start there

It gets more result when work in team because it produces more result and expected result in time.

If they are not professional, no effect. If they are very professional, too expensive.

It's a good idea actually; I am considering also this one. I guess it will give us positive results if we are going to hire a team that is of course depending on our budget.

how do you think building a team to do seo?
any idea will be grateful.

First you will have to analyze your team member, see in which activities of seo they are perfect, after that give them target for those activities individual then you get fruit full result.

lim ohire... i agree with you.

just go to Odesk and collect people there to make up your seo team.

Yes, agree using oDesk is great. I use that often. Another good one to look at is eLance.

If you hire qualified people a team of SEO Experts will be helpful.

The work should be divided properly as some of them work on Off-Site SEO,On-Page SEO.Some of the workers must work on Directory & Articles Submissions,while some Forums and Bookmarking,some of them Classifieds and Blog Commenting.In the beginning get a content writer.On-Site SEO is a short term process while Off-Site SEO has to be carried out regularly.

Google seo terms such as seo companies and seo firm and see the best of the best.

It would be much cheaper to outsource SEO than to build your own team unless you're focusing on building an SEO enterprise.

I think it is a good idea but need to analyze before you start to building a team of seo. You have to study your requirement such as content writer, blogger, designer, programmer or seo. Think 360 degree. then conclude your answer. I think for one seo can handle at least 5 blogs. so you can provide each seo 5 blogs.

set your seo tasks according to project priority and then watch your team memebers for the perfect one activity that he can do very well, assign them according to thier perfection, this is the only way in which you can get 80% accurate results.

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