Please tell me a good website that pays a fair money for refferels

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Do you mean you are looking for an affliate? In my opinion, that is going to depend on what content you are publishing on your website. You should partner with affliates that have products you recommend to your visitors, and those produts you actually stand by and beleive in. Otherwise, I would expect that you will have a low rate of reffering your visitors to your partner's site, and your visitors will begin to have low confidence in your site as well if the companies you partner with are not a good match for your site.

Try washing the neighbours dog...it might pay better lol You need to supply a lot more information like how you intend to make 'referals'. The simplest way without a website is to post videos about affiliate products (yours or somebody elses it doesn't really matter), learn about optimzing them for description/content, and how to use good annotations and tags. Then leave your affiliate link at the top and bottom of the description. NOT ONE SENTENCE DESCRIPTIONS. You need to dress it up with keywords from your product and what search terms are currently being used for that product in Google or other search engines. Then go to fiverr.com and look for somebody to do 5000 views. Post the same video to as many free social sites as you can. That should get you started. If you can't commit to work then don't take it on.

The best I saw ... promoting hosting links as an affiliate. I saw commission that reach 200$ for 1 sale.

yup promoting links is the best option in this regard..

You can promote your site as an affilate programme or also use your'e website with php hyip script that can turns ads into money..so you can make fair income.

200$ for 1 sale per month?

Have you check amazon or ebay.Cj has good amount but tough to sell.

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