I am lost in the game of SEO. One or two of my site rank for keywords which i dont want to. I have searched forums and do research but could not found any authentic answer. I need some expert's advice, How do i Rank for specific keyword and what factor is more important in ranking ( On page Or Off page ).

For E.g: I want to rank for a phrase "My favorite Hobby" which competitor( rank 1 of google search ) has keywords title,meta tags ( meta description and meta keywords), keywords in headings ( h1 tags ) and 22 index backlink on lower PR website( 1 or less than 1 ), 10 anchor text link for exact phrase.

What should i do to out rank this website for same keyword " My favorite Hobby". If i build 20 anchor text link only, do i out rank it. or what do i do??

I will be very thankful to you guys if you solve my problem.


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Need your help guys...

Your answer is super broad ... it's basically what EVERYONE wants to know ... How can I rank for my keywords on Google?

On page SEO is just as important as off page. Lots of backlinks using all different types of anchor text. Anchor text and words surrounding the backlink containing your keywords. Keywords repeated throughout your site but in a natural way.

It's not just the quantity of backlinks. It's the quality of the sites that link to you, and that there is a constant, steady stream of new backlinks on a regular basis.


Thanks for replying. Do only off page can lead to first page of google?

Thanks for replying. Do only off page can lead to first page of google?

Yes, only off-page SEO can lead to number one page results. As an example type "click here" into Google and you will see the Adobe Reader download site as the number one listing. Surely, Adobe didn't optimize thier download page for click here.

However, Your resuls will be much faster and easier if you also optimize on-page content for your specific term(s).

I hope this helps.

@ computergod20xx

Thanks you for your reply. but google now a days focusing more on website content for ranking purpose is it true.

but google now a days focusing more on website content for ranking purpose is it true.

Google's focus has always been on quality website content which you can contol. However, Google doesn't take your word for it. They rely on quality links back to your site as a vote that your content is good. The more votes from quality websites wins.

To make this easier to understand let me put it to you this way. You could have the best content in the world but if you never seek out links or no one finds your content to link to then you won't rank anywhere in the search engines. Google's Page Rank algorithm relies on links back a particular page as way to determine the highest quality pages.

@ computergod20xx

I totally agreed with your post. but backlinks must be quality.

Do follow backlinks from High PR sites matter, whether these articles sites or social sites. You can get do follow backlink from ezine by putting backlink in author bio. Articlesbase author links are no follow, but it usually approves with in 2 to 3 hours

try to get quality backlinks from higher DA sites and as well as do on page optimization most important thing is follow the search engine guidelines.

I think what you are trying to ask here is, “Is SEO helpful in driving sales in the long run?” This is what I was able to make out of the question you asked, Please correct me if I am wrong.

So, my friend, if I were to answer it in just a sentence, then yes, SEO is never going to be irrelevant. The only situation where Search Engine Optimization won’t drive in any sales is when search engines like “Google” and “Edge” go out of business.

The only thing that business is required to do is to keep up with the latest trends, and keep a check on the algorithm updates of Google.

"Content is the king," and there has never been any doubt about it. Since digital marketing came into the picture, content has been one of its most integral parts. Google has always been an avid cheerleader for ranking websites based on good quality content. With the new update on Google, it has started to target websites that have been writing down content for the sole purpose of ranking.

The update was released on August 25, and it introduces a sitewide signal that means your entire website gets scrutinized with this update. Your website might get flagged if there is a high volume of not-so-helpful content.

By keeping in mind, the following suggestions, you can create informative content that will help you gain high rankings:

  • Showcase in-depth knowledge about the product or service in your writing. This makes your reader more engaged and leaves a good impression on Google.

  • Stick to a single niche. Do not try to be the jack of all trades.

  • Try to answer the queries of your readers with your content.

  • Do not go off from the main topic. Ensure that whatever you are writing adds value to the overall article.

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