Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I'm not really sure where this would go as it doesn't exactly fit into any.

I am wanting to host some friends websites on my server (VirtualHosts in Apache) but I am planning on charging for this service (to cover the internet, electricity and for a bit of profit).

If I am living in the United Kingdom, do I need any sort of license to do this?

Thank you

ADDITIONAL - I have spoken to my ISP provider earlier on about hosting a server and they stated it is fine providing I do not break the 'fair usage policy' and use excessive bandwidth.

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You don't need any license at all. It's fine as long as your ISP doesn't block port 80. It sounds like your hosting company allows port 80 (the http port) to be open, so sounds good.

Thanks for the help,

And as you are the owner (gonna do a bit of sucking up here but...) brilliant site!

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