Hello Guys,
I'm just looking for a software or utility which create survey pages for my own need but I'don't have idea how to find a perfect one. So let me know, is there any efficient tool which could perform suck kind of action and which can I add in my website easily. Please give me your valuable suggestion.

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I would very highly recommend SurveyMonkey.com

Hello SunilDubey,
There are lots of software or utility through which you could create your own survey such as SurveyMonkey, LimeSurvey, MindStick SurveyMnager etc. I' ve used MindStick SurveyManager, it is free charge tool with wonderful user interface(UI), so user can easily download an use it. You can download SurveyManager from MindStick official website www.mindstick.com
Download URL: http://mindstick.com/Product/ProductSM.aspx

I hope it might be helpful for you.

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