I wanted to know how to get more and more visitors on my web site ..
will U guys help me out


are my webs bt visitors are very few ...

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Go for SEO...


Your contents should be attractive and of high quality to attract the visitors.

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do on page SEO and off page SEO

Actually, there are so many ways to get more visitors on your website. Publishing a well-tagged article or webpage to bookmarking sites including Google, Delicious or Digg, is one of the possible ways to generate essential inbound links that are guaranteed to boost your page rank while boosting the current traffic of your webpage or website. Social networks are one of the effective ways to generate more visitors to website. By making use of Facebook, You tube and Twitter, your content can spread like a virus on the web.

Improving your website with good content, submitting quality article content in good article sites, social bookmarking in sites such as Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg will really help to get more visitors to the site.

For instant traffic or visitors you can avail PPC campaign otherwise optimize your website and niche keywords. Optimizing keywords will take time. You can bookmark and post some classified ads for getting visitors

Add some good,unique,attractive content on the website which can satisfy the visitor and visit again for some more information also suggest some other visitors about the site.Link building and SMO is also very important for ranking higher as well as generating traffic on the web.

I wanted to know how to get more and more visitors on my web site ..
will U guys help me out


are my webs bt visitors are very few ...

For Visitors you must try SEO. You will definitely get lots of traffic on your website.

First your website content is unique, informative and relevant. Website layout is good. After that star SEO and SMO work. If you will do above activities in proper way then your site PR, Keywords ranking and traffic will be increased.

I think your content should be attractive high quality, to attract tourists!

I agree, bookmarketing, e-mailing, SEO is a big one, just try a simple search on google to find more in depth information on a bunch of different strategies and the pros and cons of each.

First do not care about your ranking over search results. Just write content that most people would like to read about. You need to find out the area in which people like to read . You can have a look at latest trends over google both regional and worldwide.

You need to make a collection of nice topics where people would like to read about. You can go through twitter trends and the latest topics where people like to tweet. If you understood the interest of people then you will definitely capture lot of traffic.

After writing the people interesting topics then just do social bookmarking and grab the huge traffic from there.

Good luck

The best way to get more visitors is to use social websites. Site like facebook and twitter are great for driving traffic to your site. If you play your cards right you could get thousands of visitors.

You can start with social networking. Best to start is Facebook because its very popular today.

Work for backlinks in the forums and also in blogs

You have to do some effort in marketing your site. You can use social media for viral market effect, blog comments, joining in different forum sites, back links, social bookmarking, and of course do SEO.

I wanted to know how to get more and more visitors on my web site ..
will U guys help me out


are my webs bt visitors are very few ...

This is not easy, you will have to do a lot a lot. There are many ways for this.
- Forum posting
- Social Book Marking
- Submission of Article
- Link Exchange

These all job can help you a lot.

I agree with CharleneJ. Social network sites are usually 70% of where the traffic be. Get into a lot of groups on Facebook. Make multiple TEAM accounts on Twitter and network. And participate in forum and blog activity. Somtimes you have to think outside your website and focus on other peoples problems, you'll be surprised how many members you get by doing backlinks and commenting on posts.

Do proper seo, when your ranking of your main keyword will be on the top of search engines you will get lot's of traffic from it

Advertisement and Forum Posting (SEO)

for more visitors you need to promote your website.

getting visitors is always going to be the biggest challenge of all webmasters, but here are a few strategies that might help:

Article Marketing
Getting your site to show up on search results
Social media marketing
traffic exchange

and best of all if you have a good enuf of a site, word of mouth does wonders

hope this helps :)

SEO + Content = high Traffic

commented: No? really!? - Gee, and I thought you were just dribbling on the end of a dead thread to spam your links -4

Its the issue that everyone caughtup with on net...:).
do proper SEO, exchange links and social bookmrk to promote....

FInd other Websites to exchange links with you

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