I've found out from experience and Apple Care that I can no longer print documents or .jpgs that are taller than my 23" portrait/vertical oriented monitor or any other for that matter. Preview has been crippled in Snow Leopard so that it will not recognize that the image/document is taller/longer and then spread that out into 2 to 10 or more pages. Apple senior advisor told me to try iPhoto, so I did while he was on the phone. No luck. Tried Photoshop CS4 to no avail. I finally just used a 3rd party application called SnapNDrag to take selected shots of the document (.png and .jpg), saved them and printed out each one. Very time consuming and not what I expect from Apple. But as the advisor said, Apple is moving to small product and away from desktop.
Canon says it's not the driver for the printer and Apple agreed.
So how are we to print legal documents that are larger than Apple allows? This dampens my desire for a medium format printer for my photos, since I have no idea how I would print them.
If need be, I'll just revert back to Leopard or switch to Windows. I have no loyalty to Apple when they take away so many things that made work easy and replace them with things I have no use for.
By the way, there is a secret to resizing in Preview's print options. You can't just type digits and expect Preview to abide by them. There is no Save button.
Anyone know of a program that would allow me to print one document on as many sheets of paper it needs to complete the document?
Thanks in advance.

Hi Danarchy,

See whether does this software helps?

commented: Fast and found what I needed from jingda's lead. +5

Good evening jingda,

Great link. Good price on that one, but found a free one almost right next to it that worked perfectly!
http://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/20738/posterazor Printed
all pages out better than Preview ever has.
Big thanks to you.
Congratulations on the member honor and interview.

You are welcome

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