Hi Everyone,

Just so you know where i am, I am a decent site builder but i need some help in the following areas as I have not had much experience here.

I wish to add a user review option to my ecommerce site. So that members can post opinions about the product and maybe give it a rating. What should I do and how should I go about it, as I also need to know how to allow members to the site!

My next problem is i need some help to work out how to allow users to upload there own photos to a page. I need the photos to be resized to a specific size and then get put into a table, so there are multiple photos in a table with all photos being the same size.

Alot to ask I know but your help would be greatly greatly appreciated as I can't find help anywhere that i've looked on the web.

Many Thanks,


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You probably will have the best luck integrating an existing CMS script into your website. What backend language does your eCommerce site currently run on (PHP, etc)?

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