Hey guys how can i increase my facebook likes.Can any body give me some tips for this..

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Pay for marketing...
Set up links in other places...
I think those are the easiest solutions :)

post a good content to your page... go for the original likes.... relecancy is one of the factors which can provide you high trffic...

I think this will not be sufficient.More tips will be needed.Please tell me more tips.

Well to know how to get likes... you need to know how to do marketing... so maybe read some online artices or some books...

Embed Widgets on Your Website
Invite Your Email and Ezine Subscribers
Add to Your Email Signature Block
Make a Compelling Welcome Video

Facebook likes it good ides. Any site prmote in goole and site keywoord good ranking.facebook likes good opmiztions .

participate in groupes and events.. raise polls. ask your friends to join your page.

by providing useful and attractive info yo may get more visitors and increase friend request since u have chance to get more likes for your page and also create a separate blog with valuable info and embed the link of fb over there........

There are many compines which are selling Facebook likes , you can buy form them

You can take paid services to increase your fan page likes else you can make you fan page attractive which is like by people and share some interesting stuff on your page and be active while interacting people by replying and comment etc. Post some contest on your fan page for fans weekly or monthly.

Hope all these help you!! :)

Hi ,
have a look of

It will make very easy to get likes

i also want to get natural real likes that they acutally also comment and chat on our page, they seem not in the mood of talking, try to sign up for groups, and find other relative groups to join, but also the system do not allow us to send messages to those group admin.

Keep posting relevantly and don not make your time waste through free likes . because they won't earn you the conversion rate.

Relevancy is one of the factors to get likes. Join Groups which are relevant to your page and post your page post there regularly .. this is anothet good way to enhance target visitors..

You can increase your facebook likes by first circulating the links in your friend circle and then by circulating to more and more people you know . Also you can share it on forums of respective fields.

there is a site i prefer and thats likeub dot me and tweers dot com for getting likes on facebook pages..!1

Keep making new firends and advertise your page in FB or through adwords.

There can be 2 ways, hire a persona and run paid campaign, and the other is hire a person and go for SMO.

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