Vote which is the best Social Networking sites to promote business. #.

1) LinkedIn

2) Facebook

3) Twitter

4) Google Plus

5) Pinterest

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I vote for facebook. It's so easy to get something in front of so many people.

I think all are helps in social marketing.

No doubt that these social media sites have their own importance and you can say that these sites are leading social media sites of the world. Nowadays web 2.o site's importance also increasing like tumbler, squidoo, hubpages etc.

All are essential if you want to generate huge traffic for your website.I do use these all social networking sites regular.

Hi frndz,
Facebook is very best social networking site, then linkedin. But all social networking site is important for business promotion.

I vote for Facebook, G+ and Twitter.

I vote for LinkedIN, Facebook and Google plus.

Earlier Twitter was an good option but these people spam a lot.

Vote which is the best Social Networking sites to promote business. #.
1) LinkedIn

2) Facebook

3) Twitter

4) Google Plus

5) Pinterest

all is good in optiimizing a website and the biggest factors is doing a Social Media Marketing.. the list is good but it takes time to see the result but its good.

There are lots of social networking sites are avaliable at that time but some of best social Networking sites are as:
1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google+
4. Pintrest (if u have shopping related site then must use pintrest)
5. Fancy
6. Youtube
7. Thumbler

Facebook and Twitter is the best option to derive high volume of traffic on your websites. You can also use stumble upon which is really helpful to give your website a huge amount of traffic.

All the social sites can be beneficial when you know how to use them properly and post interesting content.

yes, i agreed above Tigermes , if you do not know how to use them, it is pointless to know which site is better, even you sign up all accounts and keep on promoting, they do not necessary means your business can be seen by others.

All these sites are big sites of the social media and the I vote for twitter which is biggers and best social media site .

Hey friends..
I think that Facebook is best among all social networking sites.

1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Pinterest
4) Google Plus

It all depends on what your business is all about. Facebook has been a tough nut to crack for me, I have two fan pages, one is inching its way to a thousand likes, but it has taken a LOT of hard work and persistence, the other is not doing well at all, but I'm applying the same hard work, so eventually it will pay off. There are no quick fizes, if you want to be legit. Google+ has one advantage, what you post there gets indexed by Google search engine which helps you tons. YouTube has not been good for me. I have not done a thing on LinkedIn because I have no time, but Pinterest in amazing! If you can say something visually, and do it in a classy, attractive manner, you got it!
I have been amazed at the results I'm getting there!

These all sites have importance in social media but the thing is that how you are handing your social media account on these sites.

Facebook has many plenty of users, Here you can find the people by location, age, gender and even more. So i srongly suggest you, facebook is a good online marketing tool for your business.

Twitter used to send me a ton of traffic, it still does, but the gusher is now Pinterest. I have people following me on Facebook, but not that many. Google + has been good to me also. All of them are different, and the audience seems to be different too. You have to tweak your products to the audience, otherwise, you don't succeed.


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Facebook and Twitter for me.

i vote for face book.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora & Google Plus

since facebook is used by plenty of users it is totally dominating the social media thats why best site is facebook for social media marketing other than twitter,linkdedin,google+

Facebook,because it is used by plenty of users and has really dominating the social media marketing

Facebook and Twitter. At present Twitter having the PR of 10 and it will be searchable in worldwide when comparing with othersites.After Twitter, facebook will be in second place. Remain also works very well. Try to create the profiles in all social networking site.


Everything on that list is best at doing something especially in promoting your business.


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