I am wondering if anyone could recommend the best CMS for an Airbnb-style marketplace that allows people to sublet their apartments, and other people to search, filter, and pay for the apartments listed. These are the main requirements:

  • Ability to sign up both buyers and sellers.
  • Accounts for buyers can be created automatically without approval by an administrator. Seller accounts will require approval.
  • Sellers can have multiple listings, but each listing must be approved by an administrator before going live in the system.
  • For each apartment listing, seller can fill out information for a number of fields (price, whether it is furnished, accessibility to public transportation, etc). - These fields are available for each listing and most can be sorted on an filtered by when a buyer is looking for an apartment.
  • Sellers can upload photos for apartments, but each one needs to be approved by an administrator.
  • Administrators must be able to upload photos and enter all information for sellers, should they choose to.
  • Buyers should be able to search by price, rating, date(s) available, and the other fields described above.
  • Buyers should also be able to search by location/proximity to an address (this is important).
  • Buyers should be able to pay for apartments through the system.
  • Administrators should be able to process refunds.
    Buyers should be able to leave ratings for apartments they have paid for (stars, perhaps some rating factors asked of each buyer, each of which is rated using stars).
  • The system should keep track of date(s) available. Some people may need an apartment for one day while others may need it for months.

One last major layer to this is that on top of this buyer and seller marketplace, there is a third type of account: the system should also allow listings for service or product providers.

  • Provider accounts must be approved by an administrator too.
  • These providers can list products and services that are relevant for buyers in the system. When a buyer is looking to rent an apartment, they should be able to view providers around the apartments.
  • Providers will have their own criteria, like sellers described above, and buyers should be able to search, filter, rate, and pay for provider services just like they do for sellers of apartments.
  • Some providers can only be booked for certain times, just like apartments, so the system would need to track all that just like it does of sellers above.
  • In summary, providers are a different class of seller with their own set of parameters but should have all the features sellers do just for products and services instead of apartments and will be searchable in a separate section of the website.
  • When a buyer rents an apartment, they should also be able to get relevant products and services from providers. Some should be suggested before checkout.

I understand that this project will most likely require a CMS, plug-ins, other forms of extensibility and custom coding. Right now I'm trying to ascertain the best starting point.

Thanks for your help!

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CMS Recommendation for Airbnb-Style Marketplace with these Features

Instead a actual CMS try used a MVC framework. I'm familiar with PHP Framework like Yii or Codeigniter.

It really depend what language you want for your Marketplace.

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