I am working as a team leader in an organization and prefer an efficient working skill in my work. I am here to ask you people that can anyone recommend me some good factors for improving or modifying my leadership qualities.

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I think it's great you're looking to improve. Personally, I think that as a leader you just need to be authoritative and strong willed. Which obviously you are, it's great to see effort coming from your part and it will inspire those around you. As far as seeing examples of leadership or learning more techniques, I actually would recommend watching the Apprentice on nbc (I know it sounds cheesy but you would be surprised at how quickly you pick up on techniques that are viewed as both positive or negative.) Best of luck to you!

I think you should try and understand the charactors of the different people in your team and learn how to work with these charactors.


I hope it wont consider as spam, but i can suggest you a book that deals with leadership qualities and management, it can help yo in sorting good factors on standing leadership qualities.


I strongly advise on reading biographies of top business men like Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, to name a few. I picked up a great book that had 2-3 page biographies of the top 100 "Movers and Shakers". I also recommend signing up for the Harvard Business Review Journal newsletter. Go to TED. Great site as well.

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