Hi all ,I just started some seo and have started to make some plans on promoting my site.
I have watched some tutorials on website marketing and I am about to join the google adwords program.
I have a couple of questions and I hope this is the right area to post.
first is at the moment Im a bit worried about how much I should spend on google adwords to promote my site to start off with.?
Should I go all in to start with or start using a small amount of money.
Around how much do you guys spend a month on google adwords?

Also I live in a small town ,is offline marketing really worth the hassle?
any ideas would be appreciated...
I know there are tones of them right here in this forum and im goin through straight after this post..

Thank god for forums like DaniWeb..

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There is heaps of competition majority of my keywords that i have only just been trying out in google search are in the high millions..
I need to do a lot of work...but I have all the time in the world at the moment and I didnt expect it to be easy..
Over time I will be trying out differant key word phrases...


The first step is to figure out how much you'll make off of a visitor coming in from Google AdWords. I highly recommend doing conversion tracking. If you always have a positive ROI, then the more you spend the more you make, and so there's no limit to how much you would spend.

When I was starting DaniWeb, began by reinvesting 100% of revenue into the site. Eventually that tapered down to a mere 50%.

I now run DaniWeb fulltime.


Also I live in a small town ,is offline marketing really worth the hassle?
any ideas would be appreciated...

Depending on your targeted customer is whether your town area or US or globally.
Also, depending on what business you're in.. and what products you're selling.


If you go for adword I would suggest to go with geo-targeting by adding particular geographic region into your title and description of your listing and focus on specific niche categories.

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