I understand the importance of building a list of Email Subacribers, and I have an automated Subscribe to our Newsletter Form on my blog. But what is the advantage to me of having people Registering at my Blog as Users?

They do not get any extra privileges - they are just a Subscriber with Profile and Password. They don't need a password (or login) to have full read only rights at my blog. They can get regular updates of every new posts by subscribing to my RSS feed by reader or email if that is what they want.

So why do they do it (Register as User/Subscribers) and why do other bloggers say they want to actively encourage people to Register at their Blog?

Thanks in advance.

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Most blog systems often require comments from registered users to prevent spam. Bloggers want to encourage people to register to, as you say, build a list of email subscribers, but also to allow guests to comment on their articles.

If your system does not allow any extra privileges, guests are most likely registering out of curiosity because they don't know that. It's usually assumed that registering makes the experience better/different/more customized in some way, and there's a curiosity factor.

Thanks for your reply Dani.

I've been doing some research and have found a great Plugin called S2Member Plugin.

This powerful free plugin lets you merge your Registered Users List with your Subscribers List. This means you have a chance to 'catch' your Registered Users and get them added automatically to your automated Subscriber List.

The S2Member free plugin also lets you secure your site with a banner to display that is updated every day so readers see the site is secure.

You can also add secure Paypal options and buttons, and can divide your List up into different levels of Membership and also hide some parts of your content for different levels of Membership.

It's pretty cool! And it works.

It's really good if you also have Commentluv installed because the Commentluv plugin attracts more Registered Users, which can then get automatically added to your Subscriber List if they Confirm on a double optin process.

Spammers won't do this double optin, so your Subscriber List stays as a quality list of genuine readers and followers.

One key purpose for blogging or indeed for engaging in any social media activity is to create a community of persons interested in your products or services.

So when you get persons to register on your blog, this is great as it suggests that they have found your blog to be worthy of their readership and it also indicates that they are willing to become members of your tribe.

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