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If it's an online business, it's vital to show presence especially in an online environment. Make sure your onpage SEO is close to perfect. After this your offpage optimization should be an important factor. This means quality backlinks that are topic relevant.

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... to get traffic and people to signup <

Your Site consists of 2 Pages, you mention Business Connections to 'Fortune 500' Companies, but your sole ID shown is just one anonymous Gmail address, and the URL is connected to an address, unknown to Google Maps...

try something different, this way, your'e waisting your time, believe me.


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Do focus all free online marketing methods first, like SEO, social media and so on. Once you started earning revenue, do spend money on paid marketing.


I see three typo's on your home page.

is ... should be are
fpr ... should be for
recieve ... should be receive ( two places )

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Here are some tips
1) Use SEO,build backlinks through forums and directories
2) Advertise heavily on popular websites like Facebook, Stumble, Pinterest etc
3) Do an unique Buzz marketing and upload it on Youtube
4) Create a Blog site of your web and keep uploading blogs of general interest


SEO and SMO is the best strategy for marketing of website. PPC is the fast way to generate the visitors to site.

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