I'm working on a new social network site, where users will receive an email when something important happends on their page (new private message, etc)

I need a cheap/free smtp server to send mails?
Can you suggest something?

Thank you;)

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Why can't the host you're on send emails?

If it can't, I can't see how it's fit for your purpose.

It can, but I have a 200 mail/hour limit, and sometimes it can be not enought.
So I need an external SMTP server.

More than 4800 per day?
More than 33600 per week?

If not, it's just a scheduling problem.

And if you're willing to go for 'cheap', what's the next price break from your current host provider to allow more emails per time period?

A random hit from a search - https://www.edson.net/
They do an email only service for $30/pa
Scroll down to "EMAIL ONLY SERVICES"

Thank you Salem!
Probably I will work with edson.net

Google offers 2000 Daily mail sent limit for premium email accounts and it costs only 50-60 per year! I think its ideal for startup social networking sites .

If you want to go more go to smtp.com they offer excellent pricing

Googles premier email account is better for that purpose .

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