hi!guys Can any one tell me why most of the people hungry for getting facebook likes,g+,follow on twitter .
I have no idea why people wants likes if they have good content then they get easily 'likes' i think
.Are you explain what's the reason behind this??????

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Are you explain what's the reason behind this??????

It's about free marketing. Social Media is very important nowadays.

it's helpful in site promotion and also helps in improving rankings.

Now Social Networking is one of the high source of internet marketing, where we need to promote our business easily and by that we can increase our website traffic along more backlinks. Which leads to increase our business revenue. Main thing of social networking sites are more chance to reach the targeted potential customers, that's why many people should want to target their business through social media.

social media brings a lot of traffic and much more ..........also brings your site ranking as well as it is the best for SEO .....

a few reasons 'spring to mind':
1. they've entered some kind of contest that is won by getting the most likes somewhere. for instance, you organize a contest where people upload their pictures, and those who 've gotten the most likes on the end of the week, wins. this causes a lot of 'can you plzzzzzzzzzzzz like my lil' sisters picture on this page: <url> ? all you have to do is click like. thankzzzzz' messages being spread around. overall, this is just one way the admins of the page itself try to increase the number of visitors they get.
2. ranking, of some kind: if you want to get the most visits of all -> getting ten thousand likes on a post, means that at least those ten-thousand persons have been on your page in order to like it.
3. commercial: if you are a company, you'll want to do stuff like this, just to get people to come at your page to be able to show off the products you show on it.
4. sort-of commercial: say you create your own facebook page -> internetBlogging (just a chosen name), and it gets tons of hits and likes, you can easily do this to create a new (or promote an existing) page online you have, which would have gotten tons of less attention. not to mention the net-worth of such a site skyrockets when getting a top amount of likes/visits.
5. well, there are always those who just want to be 'liked' ...

Likes show how much our portal's article or details got promoted. Once if we got more likes means then we can clear that our site got reached more. Thats the reason from my view.

it's one way, but it's not a definitive one.

a person might check the site dozens of time, but he can only 'like' once.
also, a person might check the page and not 'like' anything.

I think for sales perpose and marketing of their product purpose !!

In my suggestion marketing there products and gets more traffics in their sites and people more focus on it that’s why people force for it and it’s all about freeways and get direct benefit.

social medias were becoming a trend now to promote your website if our page get more likes then it will bring more traffic to our site naturally

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