I am pasha from (Bangalore)India, i have a query

In a web page how can i allow a user to write tetimonal online and it should be veiwed by everyone..means that should be present in feedback users post their comments that should go adding on the web page

once the user has clicked the button(write Testimony) then a pop-up window will be there in which all the details will be requested for the user to enter like...
name, email ID, contact Number, city and Trestimony(in a multi-text box)

after entering all the details if the user presses submit botton, then their testimony should be visible on the feedback page

As the Content is displayed on the page then immediately a mail should be received containing name, mail ID, contact no, city and testimony..

please help me how to do this

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There are many ways to do this. How you should do it really depends on what you know, and what you have to work with (i.e., your web hosting/server type and what it supports).

This isn't really a web design question either...

use a commenting system lile disqus as the testimonial thing

Have a go with Bootstrap to get your popup.

Then you need some PHP (and MySQL) to set out your database, insert and extract from it. You want a PHP server and a MySQL database setup to hold a column for each piece of data you want to store.

So try getting that setup, then we can write some simple PHP SQL SELECT and INSERT queries to get the data in and out.

Have you any web/server-side development experiance?


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