hi all .
i just be in charge in a shop,but i don't konw how to well promoting it ?
does anyone have any advices?
is it my shop's problem ?

looking for your advices.thx.

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PPC is the best way to start promoting a site also try social networking.

There are hundreds of ways in which you can promote your store. Like keith8385 said, PPC is probably the best way if you want to get a lot of sales fast.

There's one thing about PPC you should understand before you create your campaign. In the box that let's you choose whcih countries you want to advertise in select only the United States and the United Kingdom.

Those are the top 2 countries that buy stuff online. Don't choose 'worldwide' because you will get a lot of clicks by people that won't buy anything and you'll be wasting your money.

You could also use a press release writing service to create then publish press releases. You could use article marketing and blog commenting.

Whatever you do, you have to realize it will take some time. There is a learning curve with almost all forms of promotions so don't feel bad if you try something that doesn't work. Just give it time (at least 3 months).

Hello, promote your shop in social networking websites like wallpost, facebook, twitter.

I suggest you to post your products in wallpost social ads, it's completely free of cost upto 5.

All the Best.

Best way to promoteyour website. So social media marketing like facebook, linkedin, twitter and famous bookmarking site's article submission and press release are help you.SEO is the best way to promote you website.

Now too much complicated to promote the business through the SEO, because heavy competation. you can choose the SEM & SMO. i hope, Now this is the best and quick way to promote the business and get leads thourgh the online.

It's not much unique business activity, you need to adopt those similar way for promotion that others had applied. Hire expert for this work out and continue it on a regular basis.

Hi if you need fast promotion please start SMO Process

make you shop page on social channels like facebook, google plus and etc.Start marketing your shop and famous product of your shop. Create our community and so that user can directly interact with you. Hope this would help in your promotion and increase shop sales and your rank in that shop :p

Recent time,Internet promotion is common for every business. There are so many way to promote your business like online marketing, social media marketing, email markleting, promotion product marketing. All that methods are benefacial to promote your business.

you have not mentioned wt kind of shop do u have but still you can promote it on Facebook or any other social media but that will not be that effective.
You need to decide your target audience and use pamplets and banners to promote.
You can organize an event which is of common interest that will boost your name..

The focus on any ad campign needs to be to a target group using Facebook. I do Income Taxes for locals.
I am now adding locals as friends and will be sharing tax cartoons and articles durung tax season

Give a banner of your new shop address and keep in infront of your old shop address.

there are many ways like articles posting, free ad psoting, blog postings, QnA site posting, social bookmarking, social media marketing.

You can promote your website via using social media platforms such as facebook, twitter etc. Or you can submit your press release in many websites.

You can do digital marketing to increase your sale

i noticed that this link you gave was very informative

however it was very disappointing to note that every single one only appeared to accept what it saw as corporate email accounts, and every single submission was rejected!

wonder if any of them dont reject a webmail account!

I too want to increses my sales i means the sales on my website - for that i used to work on the social media like facebook and twitter but as it's totaly new to me and also site is new so may be that problem.

The most important cleints got is via PPC only! Social media is good but not enough

Do you know who your target market it? Then you have won half of the battle! Sit down and write intelligent, short ads targeting them, speaking to them directly as if you were holding a conversation with them. Hashtag keywords within those ads, and then post the ads on Twitter, GooglePlus and yes, Facebook. Traffic will begin to flow to you from those 3 directions. If you have a store that sells items that are visually appealing, take the most attractive photos of them you can produce and upload them to Pinterest and Instagram. You can also post them on StumbleUpon and other visually-oriented sites. If you arrest the attention of people with short snippets that are like well-worded jingles and attractive visuals, they will visit your site to learn more...if you have it set up right, they will browse and buy something. Wish you well!

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