which social sites is best for SEO


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Not so long ago, "the older SEO" decided the website advertising globe. This was during the earlier, revolutionary times connected with website marketing -- before it absolutely was normal intended for a small business to get a website as well as some time before the granny got an online presence which could competitor a youngster. The particular aged SEO approach centered all around one particular major factor: link building. Nevertheless currently, link building as a direct SEO method is totally useless. The fact is, Google provides identified smart ways to measure the particular reputation of your respective website: it truly is referred to as SMO.
And the best social media sites are Facebook, twitter, linked in, google plus.
And recently came across a matt cuts you tube video on SMO in that i explain google plus is most effective site for SMO.

Google Plus and LinkedIn that help you in SEO. These social sites can helps you in improving your site ranking. Linkedin allows you to post articles and anchor main keywords as well.

Since this thread seems to have arrisen from the dead; I'd like to put in my two cents. The answer is dependent on what your website is about. Google+ is a great start because of how it ties in with the rest of Googles products and services which will help your website be "Google official" - thus minorly effecting SEO but the rest will all depend on the audience you are trying to get. You need to remember that the reason SEO exists is to get good rankings in search engines; we want to get good ranks in SE to drive traffic; the reason we drive traffic is to be found; the reason we want to be found is to convert visitors into paying customers (whether through direct lead conversion, using our services offline, or by making money through ad revenue).

For example; Instagram can be extremely effective - but only 17% of users in the last half of 2013 were reported as being adults with 37% of those users being in the age group of 18-29. The majority income bracket in the group of adults was $30,000-$50,000.

If your website is aimed at selling retirement properties; Instagram will not be your most effective social media platform. However if you are selling alcohol then you are definitely on the right path (statistically speaking when you combine those stats with the stats of consumer consumption of alcohol).

That being said as a part of your social media strategy you shouldn't just ask the question, which social media platforms are the best? You should go the step further and research who your users are and what social media platforms are going to be the largest impact in getting those users to increase your bottom line (ie. revenues - regardless of the source of your revenue).

Lastly, prior to finalizing your social media marketing plan you should also research and begin estimating your ROI (Return on Investment). If you staple yourself to facebook, you will come to realize that organic growth of your facebook page is going to be next to nil with the changes to facebook in the last 12 months. They have changed it to force Companies to invest in FB advertising to see the type of results that we all want. This means that although Facebook might be the biggest and most popular social media platform, you better be willing to pay to get the leads you want to your website (and believe me, it does add up pretty quickly if you dont have a solid marketing plan). If you are looking for viral, you may find that investing your time and efforts in Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube might be far better when you begin adding up what its going to cost to get every user and get the exposure you want.

The title of thread is very complex . First thing Do you belive that social media ranking or influene does impact on Google ranking of particular website?

Second : If someone get huge success overnite on social media profiles with viral content or paid promotion then Google will concider it as orgnaic social signal.

Third: Is there any official parameter from top search engines to measure social signal impact on website.

From SEO persepective, Google+ will be very useful. If your targeted audiences are limited to some particular city, you can do exceedingly good if you optimize the page with the relevant business keywords.

Also any Link you shared on Google Plus, get indexed in less time.

Pinterest things rarely show up in SEO, though :(

There are other social media sites that still work well, depending on your niche, like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Indulgy, Polyvor, Instagram. It all depends on what you're into! I am in a visual-rich niche, so any of these sites welcomes me with open arms.


google plus

Yes all are useful but i suggest you like this

New Social Sites are:
Stumble Upon

Facebook is better as compare to the rest for seo, as there is more trafffic on facebook and people are more active on facebook

Best social media sites for seo to boost up your website search engine ranking:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • linkedin
  • google+
  • tumblr
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Lot of social media websites will provide traffic to your website

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Its Depends on the type of business you are promoting becuase every social media platform you will get different people.
So if its ecommerce you should go for facebook, if it professional you should go to linkedin.

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Top social bookmarking sites:

Yes all are useful but i suggest these following


I think SEO prospective best social site .. pinterest , tumblr & reddit

Some of the Best Social networking Sites are
Tumblr etc...

According to me Bst social networking platforms are...Fb, reddit, twitter, scoopit and Pinterest.



Social media take place in human life they like to spend time in social Networking sites. In Todays world millions of people used social networking sites. It is a platform by which people are connected to each other. It also help to boost your business. Through social media you can promote and genrate traffic & leads for the business. If we talk about some best social networking sites they are as fellow:

  1. Facebook
  2. twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Pintrest
  5. Tumblr
  6. Linkedin

As we know that social networking sites plays a important part in our today's life.
Now-a-days, many social networking sites are used for many purposes by many people and people are more active on social networking sites.
If we think about the SEO point, Then Facebook is the best social networking site for Seo because people are more active on this.
Apart from this, there are other sites also which are used for the same :-

It totally depends on your website kind i.e. What your website is about?
For example if your website is in fashion field than
You can create accounts on these sites and make your brand big. You can use these websites for other fields also other than fashion field, as these are very good social networking sites.
Thus SEO is an very important part for making your business (in any field) big and reachable to more audience.

Best Social Media Sites for SEO are :

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. Youtube
  5. LinkedIn
  6. Tumblr
  7. Scoop It
  8. Reddit
  9. Mix
  10. Digg
  11. Pinterest
  12. Plurk

Best sites for social bookmarking are: Linkedin, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit


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