Hello Community,
I've recently been wanting to make a few videos on my software and services but I don't know what to do like what I need to include and what it take to make a good advertisement. Could you help me out.

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Can you tell us what kind of software orr services do you offer and also what kind of video do you want to create. Do you want to create free video that show some kind of advertisement while playing video? something else?

I just want to advertise all my programs there are too many to say but I just want to show them off and same goes for my services.

Any tips will be great.

Make some vedio related to your software and services and post on the diffreent vedio sites , Create your blog and post software product also make some are free download , mention how to use and there service. Make some ppt and share them to all the ppt sites .

What are ppt websites?

PowerPoint (as in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations)

Good day @joshl_1995!

On your video include:
• Brief introduction about your software and services.
• What your customers will benefits on availing your products and services.
• Why they must choose you.
• Special offers.

Afterwards, post it to video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo, metacafe, etc. Use those links to market your products and services to other social networking sites.

Ok cool I've been wanting to make videos soon but am still not sure exactly how to prepare it. Like how do I even start the video?

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