I need a payment gateway for a basic site, need a e-commerce solution for the same. Which is recommended Visa or mastercard?

Try WorldPay or even PayPal. Most payment gateways would need to accept both Visa and Mastercard, as they are both heavily used.

Paypal is the best to go. It can be integrated quite easily. It accepts Master, Visa, American Express and Discover Card in addition to PayPal.

So many payment gateway are available in market
like Paypal (credit card, express checkout etc.), wordpay, moneybooker, google checkout

As mentioned, PayPal is one of many ways to go. Other companies offer just as good or better rates and you won't have to send your customers away from your website to process their credit card payment. You can also check with the bank you already do business with to see if they offer a payment gateway.

i suggest you as payment getway to paypal its easy and safe to provide buy now facility on your site

Which is recommended Visa or mastercard?

I recommend Pay-Gate, and here’s why.

Your payment gateway needs to work with the shopping cart that runs your website. Pay-Gate supplies a cart (Easy Cart) free, and works with 99% of the standard shopping carts available on the Internet, so there’s a very, very good chance it will work with your site.

Paypal & moneybooker are two easiest payment gateway for integration on your site. It's user-friendly too.

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