I know I have the right system and the right mentor. This is very important to me. I researched both.
I made several sales this week by using pay per click solo ads and it's working. I also researched that

I sent my blog to an expert to help me with all the technical stuff as I'm computer illeterate. The program
I'm using is very hard for me to comprehend. Little by little I'm learning more and more about Internet
Marketing. I feel like I'm back in school learning a second language.

There is a lot to learn and good for you for making the effort. It seems to me that you are going about things the right way but make sure you can trust the expert as some 'experts' are only experts at getting at your money. If you have any particular questions you want to ask, this is a great site to do so!

Thank you Posting Shark for the advise. I'm getting a funny feeling about the person helping me. She is taking a long time to do the work on my blog. She has all the information she needs to complete the project.

Do you have any deadlines written into the contract/agreement that you have with her? If you are concerned with the time being taken then chase her up, after all you are paying her for a service here...

Thank you happygeek for the information. She is the real deal thank God. We are still working together. I want a blog that is simple and ellagant. Some of the blogs Ive seen are terrific yet others are full of so much stuff I feel like I get lost in the shuffle.

Internet promotion, or online promotion, refers to promotion and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive network marketing via electronic commerce, in addition to prospects from Web sites or emails. Internet promotion and internet marketing efforts are typically used in conjunction with traditional types of marketing like radio, television, newspapers and magazines.