I have to market an iOS app and get 20,000 downloads through advertising. The app costs about $2. Is there anyone who has done a similar task before. I would like to know what platform should I consider using to get to the milestone.

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Well, getting 20,000 downloads for a paid app I would say that sure is a tough job if your application doesn't offers something great ! As saying anything over here would be a little early at this point as I haven't seen your app but I would say you need to concentrate over all of the available resources like you yourself said promotion our app over the social media would be a great idea, for accelerating the downloads! Rest if you are open then I would say you can also try taking help of the Google Adsense programme to promote yourself, there are several forums available that allows showcasing of the application. So you can also try them out, I guess that would be enough to help you in accelerating the downloads ! Also now you do want to get other's opinion over here too, keep you're fingers crossed !

You have a huge target 20,000 downloads for iOS app at a time. It's quiet complicated and tough to reach the milestone. However, I think you should take your own plan to make this task perfectly. Don't rely on other suggestion.

make sure (or make enough people believe at least) that it is a very unique app that they can not miss from their devices, lest they would suffocate in the next 24 hours.

You can't market an app based on "I have to sell it this many times". Marketing goes something like: "Hmmm ... I have this specific product. How do I sell this best? And, to whom?"

figure out the answer to those, the numbers will follow.

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