Hello Everyone, I have newly joined to this forum, Need help about Blog posting. is blog posting usefull to get good number of clients to the website or it just showcases the topic of the posting? Please help me out. Is it a good way to start the blog posting from now?

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Blogs are important as they drive huge amount of traffic to the site wth a condition that the content of your blog is very informative and unique, you should start blog posting form now to boost traffic on your site.

The importance of blogs can not be underestimated. Bloging is not a marketing tool of seo plan, instead it helps in branding. It is the most convinient manner to inform about the services or products being offered with distinction.

Blogs can play an important role to get traffic. You can generate a huge number of traffic from your blog. So blog posting is effective in generating traffic. But you have to know how to create nice and attracting blog post.

Yes. Blog posting is much important for your site. You may get lots of visitors/ leads from blog posting. You also can improve your blog's Page Rank by regular blog posting.

I think having a blog is important for legitimate companies, especially companies that want to participate in a hi-tech or web-related field.
Think about it this way: if you were considering doing business with a web development company that did not have a professional-looking website, a blog, or a presence in the Social Media (e.g. - LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), wouldn't that hurt the credibility of their claim to be a company that is active in the field?

Having a blog also offers the convenience of separating time-sensitive material from material that is not time-sensitive. A company can keep core rarely-changing information on the main website, but frequent updates can be made on the blog side of the site. Tips, background information, upcoming tradeshow attendances, pricing specials, etc, can all be posted on the blog, and the need to FTP onto the main site can be avoided. Simply logging in to make a post on a blog is a lot easier (for, say, the Marketing Department) than coding a brand-new page in HTML, PHP, etc..

Also, by having a blog, you open up a whole new field of interaction potential.
With a blog, you can comment on other blogs and generate interest in your own. You can submit it to blog directories or mention it in discussion forums. You can make the occassional post on topics not solely focused on the core theme of the main website, further opening up the potential for interaction with a wider audience.

Without a blog, you can do none of this.

Blog is must for every online brand. If you're regularly posting on blogs, which mean you are engaging with the audiences. This is good for every brand online to connect with the right audiences.

Yes I also agree that blogging is a very important part at any kind of business, however I need to say (from my experience) that it is also not the best way to attract more visitors. What I have noticed is that people might actually find your service/product through a blog post that might be published in various channels (e.g. social media). However, the bounce rate is usualy high and those visitors go to the pages about the products, just a blog post in most of the cases is their starting point.

Blog Post which helps to make your website active one on Search Engine Point of View. if your website is active then Search Engines will Crawl your website on particular time frame.

if your website is not active, then Google crawling time may increase to some months over.

my website advent designs were crawled once in a week but my other website navaayur is take a months of time to cache the website.

Blog post is more important, also you can get traffic to your website. This active traffic may be your customer if they think that you are the expert of particular field.

Bog posting is welcomed and very important, but make sure to do SEO and connect your blog to your social network pages-create pages for your business/blog, do some guest blogging, too.

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