Which social media platform is best for Hotel website to get more reach?

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None of them alone will do much of anything.

Facebook will likely have the largest user base, and will also allow public display. Twitter is more of a social communication platform. Linked In would be sorta good for your b2b market.

Even if those are not your big 3 in your market, whatever one you decide to work with, you need to attract followers / subscribers and keep it relevant. Just having the page made does nothing for you.

I agree in that Facebook is probably your best bet. When it comes to brick and mortar, I've had much more success with Facebook than I have with Google Adwords, personally. But when it comes to promoting DaniWeb, I've had AMAZING results with AdWords and terrible results with Facebook.

Oh, and also, LinkedIn might be good for targeted ads aimed towards the B2B market, targeting sales professionals who go on frequent business trips, etc.

Don't just look at social media. Even though it is an easy way to reach tons of people, it is usually 'unsollicited advertisement', and most people will just consider it being annoying, and you, maybe, a spammer.

Look for pages that offer detailed information on hotels and such, and send your information there as well. Quite a number of people, when booking a holiday, will check pages like that, to find a good hotel.

In this particular case, I was talking about paid PPC ads, not spamming social media.

Dani: I wasn't really replying to that. But if you check the questions, the people asking immediately assume that a Social (Media) Platform is the only/best/most appropriate/... way or place to advertize.
I just wanted to point out that, eventhough it might work out, depending on the strategy followed, it might also work against you, and that there are alternatives to Social Platforms.

Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the best choice for hotel industries! However you need to do other things as well apart form social media marketing. Picutre or images is the most element in the hotel industry, so you can promote image on instagram and facebook. Facebook is emerging best marketing tool for hotel because of its various of features. Like anyone can post some good reciepe, content and interact with audience.

Google Plus, Linkedin, Facebook.

Facebook and Google+/Google My Business.

I think Twitter and Facebook are best social media platform to get more reach.

No doubt, facebook is best ever choice for social networking site.

I think that facebook too is the best social media site to use.

I have a friend who looks for hotels by checking to see if they have a blog on their hotel site or even if they have a site which got me thinking, I'm going to do the same thing and also add a blog to our hotel site.

Facebook can generate you some good business make some pages and do sponsered marketing

Google+ and Linkedin

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. And you should have a blog connected to these networks.

I think everybody should tweet DaniWeb because there are a lot of people who don't know about this forum and I love it and I'm learning from being part of it. As you can tell I'm into twitter these days and am lovin it.

You can take help from any social media site. Give adds of your hotel. And your website should be mobile-friendly id it is not you will definitely lose your customer.

use zomato or other food based review website.

use pinterset, twitter, facebook to post about your offer, special and all.

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