Hello! Anybody would like to recommend me the list of social networking sites that are based in Australia? Just like .com.au . I want to see my pages in the pages in Australia when i search in search engine like google.com.au. :icon_cheesygrin: Thanks!

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Hello! Anybody would like to recommend me the list of social networking sites that are based in Australia? Just like .com.au . I want to see my pages in the pages in Australia when i search in search engine like google.com.au. :icon_cheesygrin: Thanks!

Don't know about any .AU social networking sites but I'm sure there are a bunch of forum communities you can join, contribute and establish yourself in.

dont' know kind of social bookmarking in australia ..
better you used facebook, twitter, digg, stumbleupon as social bookmarking because it's very effective to global promotion...


Hey jay 11,

Can you please share those forums here if you have any?

You can search in google with the term

site:.com.au "social foot print"

Don't have any idea about Social Networking sites, Australia..

please share the website i also need it

I have no idea. Anyone please share here!

i think the best thing is we use the all over the world sites

First and foremost, many of the major social media companies are present around the globe and available nearly everywhere where an internet connection exists and geo-political relationships aren't blocking access to their service. So you should inititally be focusing your social media activities on the major staple social media services relevant to your website (twitter, pinterest, etc.). You can focus these social media accounts by connecting with people in that region (ie. on twitter you begin following people in melbourne, etc.) and through doing solid Social Media Optimization and Marketing (SMO and SMM). From there you build your reputation (it takes time; our Company still battles with parts of the EU from time to time; even though our name is attached to several Companies there).

Eventually if your marketing team/marketer/you spend enough time connecting then somebody, somewhere is going to give you leads to check out more region specific social media/social bookmarking avenues where you can then spread to. During this time you should also be focused on reading and researching; find every article in australia on tech and read it religiously to watch for new social media/social bookmarking trends. Generally when a new start up comes along with the next promising facebook the press will reference their competitors both locally and internationally. By researching these Companies you begin understanding which ones you want to put your brand's name on and which ones are the best for your target audience.

Now for quicker results something else you should be doing is focusing on building inbound links that come from that region. Something to keep in mind is that the internet has been geared towards the US for quite some time. It's slowly changing with the increase of users from India, Asia, and not to mention that the UK has done an amazing job of creating their own SEO qualifiers. If you look at the majority of the first steps you should be taking to rank well in any local region the main routes to get listed mainly favor US based websites (I could give alot of examples but try and get a free listing in the yahoo directory without a US zip code or even try to get a dmoz listing, garaunteed if you are a US based website you get listed quicker then a foreign website when it comes to dmoz).

Now if you can manage to get some exposure when and where you need it on the international level, your laughing because then local SEO becomes a breeze. After you get the major sites you can focus on finding local directories (you can use your international SEO accolades as a reference for the local directories). So you are not just going to hit the general local directories for australia, but maybe you focus on Melbourne or Sydney online classified ads or something along those lines (think local kijiji). Every week or two change to another ad in that Region/State/Province/County/Area. Now I can't tell you everything you should be doing based off your initial question because I am not fully aware of your situation. But please understand, whatever steps you take now may become irrelevant in 6-18 months as Google is beginning to put more and more emphasis on local business. Google's Pigeon update is a prime example of where the web is heading, so unless you wind up having an office or a very strong foothold in a local market it will become increasingly more difficult to rank in areas where you physically arent. Not saying that it will be impossible, but it may not be feasible for small business or startups without some serious work or help from an outside agency.

i think the best thing is we use the all over the world sites

Better way search in google site: .com.au "australia social networking sites"

better would be to ask: what 's the use of this?
a 'social network' is supposed to 'bring people together, no matter the distance between them', not 'keep it Australian only'.

any social network will need to generate some kind of income, being it by asking a monthly fee to the users, or by offering companies the chance to have advertisements show on the site. both ways would be less efficient if the place is limited to just Australia.

Most companies also want their url's to be short, and easy to remember, this includes the domains. will they go for a
www.MyNetwork.com , or will they be pattriotic and opt for www.MyNetwork.com.au ? this might look to millions overseas as a "this is not meant for you" message, which is unlikely their intent.

so, why not just use Google+ or Facebook ? because of privacy issues? ....
those issues are there for every social network out there. either they are sharing/selling the information you upload, and your 'online footprints', or they are able to do so. the reason you don't hear as much about those issues from those smaller networks is, there aren't as much complainst about it, and they're not as heavily watched as a network that has access to the data of millions.

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